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    In Antigua in 1949, siblings Pat Starr and Amos Morrill started Coco Shop as a place local artists could sell their work. In 1952, Starr and Morrill moved business to a coconut brown, West Indian home in St. John's and, together, ran the business for over 60 years, building it into a beloved Antiguan company.

    Coco Shop's two stores, in St. John's and the island's airport, became favorite destinations for Antigua's travelers - places where each hand-sewn, cotton piece in a hand-drawn print offered them the chance to take a part of Antigua home. The company closed in 2017.

    In 2019, Taylor relaunched the brand. Today, Coco Shop still captures the carefree, vacation-inspired sensibility of its early days with updated, cotton pieces in the same prints that are meant to be worn and lived in and loved—on and off the island.

    From Taylor

    Welcome to Coco Shop! Antigua and its community have been a part of my family since my grandparents, friends of Pat and Amos, started spending time on the island in 1951. I've met my closest friends and my husband through this special place.

    Part of Antigua's charm is the opportunity to go at an easier pace with an appreciation for exactly where you are. It's the feeling I've been excited to capture with our clothing and community. We're both retro and timeless. We make clothing you'll want to wear on vacation, but won't want to save just for vacation. Every piece is meant to be worn over and over and to allow you to carry a bit of the island with you every time you do. I'm so glad you're here.

    x, Taylor