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  • Take a piece of Antigua with you.

    Founded in 1949 on the island of Antigua, Coco Shop makes high-quality, cotton clothing in island prints.

    We believe resortwear, often too revealing or too shapeless, should be sophisticated in its simplicity.

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    Coco Shop was founded in Antigua in 1949 by siblings Pat Starr and Amos Morrill. Started as a crafts table in the island's capital of St. John's, Coco Shop's goal was to champion local artists, giving them a place to sell their work.

    Over its 68 years, Coco Shop became beloved for its printed, cotton clothing. With a second store in the island's airport, travelers were encouraged to take a piece of Antigua home with them by purchasing from the shop. Each piece was the result of collaboration between many hands, making it truly representative of the island.

    The History of Coco Shop

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    April 2023

    Taylor Simmons Of Coco Shop On Why They Are Embracing Slow Fashion and Renewable Consumption

    "Patience — You watch other brands seemingly experience exponential growth around you, but more often than not, they raised money, hired beyond their budget and overproduced inventory. Running a slow fashion brand takes diligence and patience. It’s much more personal, unit by unit, conversation by conversation."

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    May 2023

    Coco Shop Launches Summer Capsule

    "Since 2019, Taylor Simmons has been revitalizing the storied Antiguan Coco Shop with travel-friendly, print-forward fashions. For summer, she's expanding her offering."

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    The History of Coco Shop