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  • 14 July, 2021

    Spotting Retro Trends with Abby Campbell

    Taylor Simmons

    Meet Abby Campbell, the Brooklyn-based founder of Abigail Bell Vintage, known for her ability to spot retro trends early. Her vintage shop, ABV, is full of unexpected decorating ideas and colorful, interior accents, allowing customers to update their homes using pieces from the past. If you've wondered where to find that blue, mushroom-shaped lamp you saw on Instagram last week, look no further than ABV.

    I sat down with Abby, wearing our Short-Sleeve Maxi Dress in Navy Checkerboard (back for preorder), to talk about starting her business, what helped it grow and where she's hoping to source from next.

    How and when did you start ABV? Had you always been interested in home decor or vintage?

    I grew up in the south as an avid antique, thrift, and garage / estate sale shopper and have always had a passion for the hunt when it comes to fashion and interiors. ABV began in 2016 as a side hustle and creative outlet from my career in operations and logistics in the interiors world, but with the help of social media, quickly grew into something I was able to pursue full time.

    What were the most difficult parts to starting your business? What helped it grow? 

    ABV grew through social media much quicker than I anticipated, so the most difficult part was keeping up with demand and shipping—Murano mushroom lamps and shell lamps would sell out in seconds. 

    As a relaunch, Coco Shop is interested in the process of taking something old and making it new again. Is renewal something you think about often?

    Absolutely. I always prefer old to new when it comes to fashion and interiors. I spend my days immersed in it - researching design trends and sourcing pieces from the past that feel modern, but have much more character than their new counterparts.

    Are there specific pieces you're currently looking for? Is there anywhere you're hoping to source from, but haven't yet been to?

    I'm always looking for interesting shapes and anything pastel. I'm a big fan of weird, little lamps, so I'm always on the lookout for those. I source mainly in the US, but would absolutely love to get back overseas to do some European flea market hunting.

    Is there anything that makes you feel personally renewed and ready to take on what's next?

    A freshly cleaned home!