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  • 01 October, 2020

    Finding Renewal Through Food with Nicole Berrie

    Taylor Simmons

    Meet Nicole Berrie, the founder of Bonberi, a shop and site devoted to food and well-being. Her permanent store at 321 West 11th Street in New York sells grab-and-go vegan meals, juices and cooking ingredients, while her site lists recipes as well as interviews about the food and beauty routines of chefs, tastemakers, gurus and more, inspiring thousands to more closely consider what they are putting into their bodies. While working at top fashion magazines, Nicole realized her "weekend warrior" lifestyle was self-defeating. Adjusting what she ate prompted both a personal and professional renewal. Now, Nicole follows food-combining and swears by a green juice every morning, raw, plant-based foods throughout the day and a larger dinner, while always listening to her body's intuition. Personally, I love the way in which Nicole talks about food as a way to reset and renew both body and mind.

    We sat down with Nicole, wearing our Embroidered Mini Dress in Olive Leaf, to talk about maintaining routines, sticking with non-negotiables and recipes that use ingredients people usually throw out.

    What was your process to finding the food routine that worked best for you and does it ever change?

    My process is ultimately the result of a two decade journey through learning how to nourish myself in a way that fed my soul and body at once. Once I found my happy spot, I stuck with it and that is as Michael Pollan says, "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." 

    Was food something you thought about often before launching Bonberi?

    Food has always informed my life and has been one of the things that has brought me great joy since I was a little girl. I never thought it would be a career. For me, as a writer, having a creative outlet through story telling has been my ultimate passion. I've realized there is a way to tell stories through food, which is ultimately very rewarding.

    Has COVID affected your wellness routine?

    The biggest change was having my gym close, which was part of my self-care routine that I really loved, but it's been a great assignment on taking your physicality into your own hands and listening to your body about what type of movement it needs on a day to day basis. It's challenging with work and two little ones at home, but I think it's an assignment that I needed to learn. Now I'm getting creative with workouts, walking the city more and getting back into yoga. 

    Coco Shop relaunched around the idea of taking something old and making it new again. I love the way in which you use and speak about food as a way to personally renew. How do you know you're off track and what strategies allow you to reset?

    I've been so in tune with my body for quite a long time now that I'm always taking inventory of how I feel. If I'm feeling off, I'll notice it right away and make that shift, whether it's committing to go to bed earlier, skipping a workout to rest or focusing on more hydrating green foods. Usually, as long as I have my foundational green smoothie or juice in the AM, I feel grounded.

    Is there anything other than food that makes you feel renewed and ready to take on what's next?

    Time with my family!  

    For someone hoping to take their first wellness step, is there one place you recommend starting?

    Ask yourself what is your non-negotiable, whether that be 8 hours of sleep, a green juice in the AM or a daily sweat. We don't have to do all the things, but it's good to understand what routines help your body and mind thrive and stick to that (almost) every day.  

    Lastly, a recipe that uses an ingredient most people throw out?

    These Juice Pulp Veggie Burgers.